I would have expected this question from a recent visitor, an inquisitive webmaster who did not know how much he did not know about SEO. Instead, what I got was ‘How many backlinks can you get me ?Since it was an initial meeting, I quickly avoided that question by asking him ‘How many do you want ?. He was quicker than me ‘Thousands!’. It seemed that he wanted to impress upon me that he is generally aware what SEO is all about.backlinks

Link Building

If the first thought that comes to you after building a website is to get backlinks, you are suffering from an SEO disease which has not been recorded anywhere . While the quality versus quantity of the backinks has been discussed and emphasized on all webmaster forums, it is equally important to know the answers of two more questions –

When should I start getting backlinks to my site ?
How many backlinks are required or enough ?

The best no-SEO for your site would be to build a website and then leave it to google’s mercy. Probably that is what google would like, since it complies 100% with its webmasters’ guidelines. Unfortunately, this would be too slow a process of ranking growth, which is why you need to deliberately optimize your site for better rankings. Because today there are so many sites on every topic and subject that it might well confuse the search engines as to which of those are more important ones than the others. All SEO activities are therefore directed to convince the SEs that your site is more important; links from other sites pointing to your site is one of the factors which indicates to the search engines that your site is important.

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When should I start getting backlinks to my site ?

Remember that when your site gets indexed by google, it comes to know the age of your site as well, and bad part is that it remembers your site’s birth date. By default, the SES presume that no SEO is being done for your site, and the rankings your site gets is how it would get naturally. Probabaly this will be a fight which will continue till eternity – humans trying to SEO their sites for better search rankings, and the search engines getting smarter and ignoring the SEO. But the point is, for better rankings, google would like your site to behave as if there is no deliberate SEO being done, which includes getting backlinks. Now answer this – who would link from their site to a brand new site ?

Presuming that you answered that as ‘No one !’, you should not get any backinks the moment you build your site if you want to simulate organic growth of your site. Naturally, people will link to your site only when (and if !) they visit your site and find its content helpful for their own visitors; so if your site has no visitors but has even a single backlink – it means that you got caught ! Ideal process would be to wait until your site starts getting organic visitors from the search engines. This can be two months or even six months, and it can be even one daily visitor; but it means that your site content has started getting appreciation from the SES, and now is the time to re-instate their belief that your site is even more important that they think !

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How many backlinks are required ?
When we consider organic SEO practices, this question is futile. Because even if you arrive at a figure (which I don’t know how !), you simply cannot control who links to you. That is of course, in the natural course of process. Which means that by default, the number of backlinks will go on increasing with the age of your site. So if your site is not getting natural backlinks and you are getting them by reciprocal or paid means, it is all the more important never to stop that process, because suddenly stopping getting backlinks will indicate that the links which have been got till date were not natural.

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