Google Adsense is the best monetization platform with the best advertisers. It’s the most powerful platform with top CPC which can make you earn more money than any other ad networks. So if you are looking for the best ad network for your blog, go for Google Adsense. Before apply to Google adsense read Basic Guide for Adsense Approval for Beginners article.Basic guide for Adsense approval for beginners

Basic Guide for Adsense Approval for Beginners

Now for all the bloggers who have just begun their journey, it gets really tough to get Adsense Approval. Many of you may go site to site searching for answers and still fail to get it approved. Well here is the complete guide for beginners which will make it much easier for the newbies out there.

1. Does it really requires a 6 months old blog?

NO! It doesn’t. Google have set policies for countries like India and China that their blogs should be atleast 6 months old. But if you are doing it all right, then it doesn’t require 6 months. I personally got Google Adsense approval on a 3 month old domain.

2. Write quality, original and enough posts.

Never copy a post. Always write your own articles and put all your quality work in it. You can research on other blogs but never copy someone else’s work. Make sure you have more than 15 articles under the main categories that cover your site’s niche.

3. Blog structure and Navigation.

Always use a seo friendly, user friendly and responsive theme for your website. Google wants your site to be easily accessible by its users. You need proper menus and categories so people can move on your site easily. Improper navigation makes it difficult for Google bots and you are rejected straight away by Google.

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4. Privacy Policy and Sitemaps.

Your sites need a privacy policy so that the users can trust it and a sitemap for Google Bots. Both of them are very much important. Well don’t worry, you can easily create them by some really important wordpress plugins here. It is completely free and much required.

5. Few other important tips.

  • Prepare a Contact and About Us page.
  • Write articles of minimum 400 words.
  • Add social buttons and widgets on your blog.
  • Always add tags and categories on your posts.
  • Don’t use any adult content.
  • Apply with the root domain.

That’s it. If you have followed each and every thing above there is 95% chances your adsense is getting approved. Apply for Google Adsense here.

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