Today we are going to talk about Configure WordPress UpdraftPlus plugin . UpdraftPlus Plugin a very important and popular backup plugin this is the UpdraftPlus plugin – Backup / Restore! We have a website, but due to various circumstances, the website could collapse, ie stop working or can not open, may be due to several reasons (code error or other problems). To avoid losing our work for many hours and days, we will install a miracle plugin, which will keep all the backup copies of the website on the computer or in DROPBOX, which can then be restored in just a few minutes. Of course, any hosting usually backs up the site, but the hosting can also stop working and in this case there is no way to restore our website! The plugin will do everything automatically and without any knowledge of the HTML code.

Configure WordPress UpdraftPlus plugin

Before installing the plugin, we have to prepare thUpdraftPlus plugine own repository, where you will save a copy of your site, I recommend to all of you a known and reliable DROPBOX service. To configure the plugin we have to register in the service DROPBOX Therefore, go to the official website of the program, register or download a free version of the program (the file storage size is 2GB) if you want a larger storage space, then for a small fee it is possible to purchase More space, but 2 GB is enough. Once registered and downloaded the program Dropbox, we will install the plugin, do not forget the password your password and username (you will need to connect the plugin with DROPBOX).

Install and configure the UpdraftPlus plugin – Backup / Restore

1. Download, install and activate the plugin

2. Then, after downloading and activating, in the Admin panel Settings  click UpdraftPlus Backups:


Configure WordPress UpdraftPlus plugin

3. Now go to the UpdraftPlus plugin menu and at the top we see 3 main functions:

• Backup now, this is the creation of a copy of the whole site (before clicking we have to configure the UpdraftPlus plugin).
• Restore – website recovery from a backup.
• Clone / Migrate to create a web copy and (or) to change the hosting and move your website.


Now, at the bottom, click Save changes and return to authorization in the dropbox. Down the authorization window.

After dropbox authorization will create a folder in the cloud, which are automatically created two copies of the site. Now let’s create a backup click Backup now … and the first copy of our site is ready (with databases and files site), which is already immediately be in the Dropbox (repository). Restoring website (if something happens) can be very simple, install wordpress and this plugin UpdraftPlus, and then press to restore and our website again as good as new.

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