There are WordPress addons available for just about any function — including automatic promotion of your blog posts! This article is specifically aimed at folks who are new to promote blog or want to start their first website marketing campaign but aren’t sure where to begin. The great thing is, these plugins are so simple to set up, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be using these tactics to increase your blog’s following.Promote Blog

Here’s a guide to some of the best WordPress plugins for automating your blog promotion tasks without spending a lot of money.

Plugins to Promote Blog on Twitter

In case you haven’t heard, Twitter is huge! As a blog owner, you really want to take advantage of that fact. Thankfully there are a huge number of free WordPress addons that’ll help you to do that.

For most of these plugins remember that you’re going to first need your own Twitter account at — build some followers by connecting with others in your niche, tweeting any of their posts that you find interesting, and replying to your followers to build relationships.

Tweet This

Instead of manually tweeting a link to your new blog posts — which is time consuming — plugins like Tweet This will automatically send the link to your Twitter followers. You’ll need to follow the instructions to set yourself up with your own Twitter application code but, once you have, this really is set and forget!

Tweet Meme Button

The TweetMeme plugin lets your followers do your blog promotion for you. It adds an eye-catching tweet button in a prominent location at the top of every blog post, letting your readers share the link with friends if they find it interesting.

Tweet Old Post

Don’t leave your old posts out of your Twitter promotion plan — especially if you write about evergreen topics! Tweet Old Post is a plugin that makes it super easy to set up random tweets with links to your old posts at the interval you choose. You can also add tags to your tweets and exclude certain categories if you don’t want to tweet them out to your followers.

Promote Your RSS Feed for Extra Blog Traffic

Every blog comes with an RSS feed — this is simply a way to deliver your blog to people who want to keep up with what’s new. The more people you can get to subscribe to your RSS feed, the more traffic your blog should get.


Feedburner is the popular Google-run service used by bloggers who want more stats on who is reading their RSS feed and how many subscribers they have. This isn’t a plugin, simply sign up and paste your blog URL in to instantly “burn” your feed. It’s simple and it’s well worth it! FeedBurner also provide all the buttons you need to promote your feed on your blog.

Plugins to Promote Your Blog on Facebook

Facebook has now become one of the most popular and most visited websites in the world, so it’s important to make sure you make use of this method of promotion! Here are some recommended WordPress addons for helping you to do that.

Simple Facebook Connect

When you create a Facebook page, Facebook will provide you with a number of ways to get people to “like” your page, including a simple button or a box that shows the faces of a selection of other people who like the page. Simple Facebook Connect provides a better way to integrate your blog with your Facebook page by automatically sending posts to your fan page, adding Like buttons, and letting people register or login using their Facebook credentials. This article goes into more detail about why I chose Simple Facebook Connect for my blogs.


The Socialize plugin isn’t just great for Facebook, it can add links to a whole range of other services such as Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and more! It’s well worth having as it’ll help you place convenient “like” buttons on the top of the post, and an extra box at the end of each post encouraging your readers to share it. When it comes to WordPress plugins for social media promotion, this one really does do a lot for your blog!

The good news is that you don’t even have to create a fan page for your site in order to have visitors “like” or “share” the page with their friends. There really is no excuse for not using a plugin that allows them to do so!

All of the WordPress addons mentioned in this article are completely free and, once set up, do all the hard work for you! So get going and install them on your blog — open it up to some new methods of promotion today. Do you use any free WordPress plugins for automated Promote Blog? What about other social media badges? Share your tips below and we’ll go over paid plugins in a future article.

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