If you are a website publisher making money from Adsense program, are you using high pay adsense keyword to increase Adsense earnings? As we had already known, Adsense ads can range from a few cents to a few dollars per click. So choosing a keyword is an important factor to determine whether you really monetize from your site.increase Adsense earnings

How much you will earn per click depends on how much the advertisers are paying for the keyword. Keyword is the most important factor.  If the keywords the advertiser has chosen are high paying keywords, you could earn more dollars per click. On the other hand, low paying keywords will earn you just a few cents per click.

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(1). Choose one high pay adsense keyword per page. It is best to write content for your page with just one targeted phrase. Google Adsense will then show the most relevant ads, which will give you more earning per click. You can find high Pay adsense keyword by using Google Adword Tool.

(2). Create content-based page that focus on your keyword phrase. This will attract traffic and also makes them more relevant to the AdWords ads.

(3). Make your ads stand out by using white space around your ads. Of course you can choose other color (depending on the back ground color of your website), as long as it makes your ads stand out and visitors can spot them easily.

(4). Vertical format is normally recommended to get better results. Try both vertical and horizontal formats for a period of time and compare the results.

High pay ad sense keyword can increase your Ad sense earnings dramatically. Make some changes to your site and you will see the increase in your ad sense earnings. Do it now!

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