When it comes to Search Engine Marketing and Keyword research, nothing is more important than knowing the ‘neighborhood’. Today I’ll discuss about Keyword Research Tool for rank your website.Keyword Research Tool

We think we’ve made it easy with our latest offering: Touch Cloud

I used to find it difficult, using the usual SEO Tools, to determine which anchor text best reflected the website when building links . So, probably the way most SEO solutions start, we set out to solve this problem as well as build something that was both effective and intuitive.

Quick Keyword Research Tool

It’s simple … if you are optimizing a website, then you must find all competing and supporting keywords. In other words, get to know the neighborhood. We’ve made it easy, Just enter your keyword phrase to instantly produce beautifulClouds AND link structure, then generate content from the cloud (information pulse – not available with free edition). Click inside the cloud to investigate the neighborhood and produce spectacular relevant keyword phrases as tagged links.

What is Microformating?
Microformatingprovides a method ofdecentralized Tagging … are you tired of visiting dozens of social networking sites to bookmark your favorite pages?

There are things on this page that you will not see unless you have the Firefox Micro format extensions installed.

tag cloud
microformats folksonomy tools and analytics emerging practice tagging business tools_and_analytics bookmarking microformat tags

This fast new solution generates Microformatted ‘clouds of relevance’ and … stay tuned as we continue to support Semantic Web initiatives such as SIOC and Scot Ontology’s. Every day, we contemplate ways to accurately present the true meaning of a site, without major investments from webmasters. Most web sites are not Semantic Web friendly or even aware but clearly all web sites contain Domain specific ‘knowledge’, the recent debates suggest that most will not bend to the requirements of coding meta-data into their pages. This is why we decided to pursue a ‘Top Down’ Semantic Web Application approach.

Organic Search has been completely nuts lately, with reports that the top SE has lost control of its data, a reminder that the search paradigm is liquid. There are a few impressive trailblazers in the Semantic Web solution space but SemWeb still is a bit too much science for most. Nobody can really dispute the value of a web that can perform some level of Artificial Intelligence, still few are willing to accomodate it.

At RSS, we say, Bring on the ‘Intelligent web’ … we are ready . Are you?

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