Basically, the theory behind earning or business with Google Adsense is Google has many advertisers associated with them, who advertise their products online with the help of Google. Now, Google outsources this work to website owners through Google Adsense. Now what is the logic behind it? Basically website owners signs up on Google Adsense, get an ad code, place this code on their website HTML code, Consequently this ad starts getting displayed on website owners website. Now when visitors or web searchers come and visit these websites and click on such ads, Advertisers pay for such clicking to Google and Google shares this money with website owners.make money google adsense

make money google adsense

Follow these simple steps to Make money from Google Adsense.

1. Buy a domain or a website from portals like and host it on

2. Write some content on your website. Content should be in sink with your website topic. Write atleast 3-4 pages, fresh content. Each page should be of atleast 250 word.

3. Sign up in Google Adsense, enter your website information. Google will take 2-7 days to approve it. It will only approve if the content is fresh otherwise it might not approve.

4. Once you get the confirmation email from Google, you are ready to earn and this would be the first stepping stone to your success in earning money through your website.

5. Go to Adsense setup up and get ad code for content.

6. Place code in your website HTML code.

7. Now, To improve ranking of your website, contact a search engine optimizer(SEO).

8. Keep writing one article each day, fresh content, on the theme of your website. Try picking the latest searched topic.(you can watch it on Google trends).

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