To effectively promote your blog and ensure that it achieves a good ranking in search engine results, you’ll need to employ effective SEO or Search Engine Optimization Tips . Understanding the way search engines index your blog allow you to take the necessary steps for maximum visibility, increasing your readership and improving your overall rankings. Here are some SEO tips for your blog that can give your search engine rankings a big boost.Search Engine Optimization Tips

Top Search Engine Optimization Tips

Diversifying your content

Evolution of newer search engine algorithms is rapidly changing the way SEO strategies are drawn up and employed.

For instance, Googles Universal Search interface launched in 2007 displays different results for various categories such as videos, images, news, blogs and even scholarly documents. This makes it necessary for bloggers to incorporate different types of content into their blog. Diversifying your content by adding highly-rated videos, audios and images can help your blog achieve high search engine page rankings.

Keyword count

In addition to incorporating a variety of content on your site, it is essential to incorporate relevant keywords in the content. Search engines rank a site according to the keywords present and ensure that your site is visible to the right users. Relevant keyword tags can sometimes lead the smallest blogs to achieve front page rankings. Search engines crawl your site for relevant keywords or key phrases that lets them know what your site is all about. So, tagging your content properly ensures that your blog gets the readership and ranking it deserves.

Be upfront with readers

It is advisable to incorporate the main keywords in first paragraph and the title of your blog post so that both search engines and readers can find and identify your content easily. However, it is recommended not to overuse keywords or key phrases as search engines can penalize and even ban websites that employ keyword stuffing. It is advisable to use diverse forms of keywords and key phrases rather than repeating a similar term over and over again. According to SEO experts, the percentage of keywords should be not more that 2-3% of the total word count. Also, make sure that your content is informative as search engines rank websites on the basis of their quality. The higher the quality, the better is the ranking. Following these SEO tips can certainly help in optimizing your blog.

Relevance is rewarded

Search engines categorize your website according to the keywords inserted in your content. It is advisable that you choose keywords or key phrases that are directly related to your content. To determine the best key phrases or keywords you can use the Google Keyword Tool that provides a wealth of information on keyword searches. The tool is free to use and works along with Google AdWords.

Brand your blog

Blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress are ideal for beginners. However, it is advisable that that you acquire your own web domain. Selecting your own web domain name is one of the most important SEO suggestions that helps build credibility.

Keep these SEO tips in mind when you embark on an SEO campaign for your blog or incorporate changes in your existing campaign. By following proven SEO techniques, your blog can achieve its goals without much difficulty.

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