To gain a competitive edge in the online market, it is highly important to size up the competition beforehand. Only a proper competition analysis allows you to identify who are your competitors and how they work and this helps you in weighing the competitive pros and cons. This also assists you in the development of a strategic planning for your business. Once you have identified your real competition and assessed it well, you can easily find out which are the areas your competitor is missing out and you can purposefully begin by adopting those missed techniques. This will streamline the SEO Analysis of your business by giving you a better way to steer ahead of your competitors.

SEO AnalysisSEO Analysis

Here are some basic tips for assessing and SEO Analysis your competition

Basic research – Begin by performing a basic research on the market by analyzing your company’s mission, identifying the niche market, its geological location and size and then, identify the competitors. Once done with this step-0, go forth with the next steps.

Naturally ranking competitors – Use the SERP to find out who are the toppers in the market in terms of keyword search. Monitor the sites that show up routinely for the important keywords and key phrases. Once you have finalized a list of your competitors, you can then zero upon the competitor with whom you can really compete.

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Competitor analysis – This includes thorough evaluation of the competitor sites, finding out their strengths and weaknesses and analyzing whether they appear in local searches, have blogs, participate in social media marketing, have product reviews etc. Often many competitors invest more on PPC campaigns, social media marketing, sponsorships, advertisements and contests and it’s important for you to SEO Analysis these areas as well.

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