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SEO Internet Marketing: Research and Tools


These services generally result in ‘natural’ and relevant link building which tend to have much higher link values and convert better than arbitrary link exchanges. Our approach to keyword development is unique. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can work with your web master, marketing and design team to provide flexible, scalable and affordable website promotion services.

Quick Guide : SEO Internet Marketing

Many sites offer a step by step approach to improving web site visibility. We hope we can perhaps help some develop a way of thinking about SEO.

First we must set the expectations for seo internet marketing, it is not an exact science (to say the least) and SEO’s who claim guaranteed results are usually suspect in this industry. If your site is poorly optimized (or not optimized at all) the results of improvements will be more evident. This is not to say that you will immediately increase visitors or revenue, SEO done right takes patience and analysis. Many SEO problems relate to poorly structured web sites and sloppy html coding so these kinds of improvements should be made regardless of the expectations.

Most mistakes are the result of lack of analysis and impatience. It’s hard to wait but if you are to be successful, wait you must. Be prudent with changes, in aircraft pilot speak, always make ‘small corrections’ and evaluate the effect before proceeding further, else, you might ‘crash and burn’. Understand that many of the factors relating to your search engine positioning are outside of your control.

Top SEO’s agree that there is no ‘Free Lunch’, quality content, real value, continuous improvement and analysis will result in better long term conversion rates than SEO trickery.

Next, we frame the mindset behind SEO Internet Marketing: we feel the key is ‘relevance’ and this idea carries into future phases of the Internet, or  ‘ WebStaffs.com Tutorials ‘ . What we mean here is the representation of your page (Title tags and meta tags) must match the content, this would seem obvious enough but often web site optimization specialists end up targeting keywords for their traffic value without performing in-depth analysis (or barrier to entry) before performing SEO. Target/analyze the keywords you already have in your content, if you want to rank for particular keywords/phrases, you may need to re-write content but focusing on ‘keyword centric’ content has it’s drawbacks, you could diminish the uniqueness of your site. This is an iterative process, called ‘design of experiment’, the experiment changes with each observation. The point is … if you are thinking about the semantics of your website, then you are working with Search Engines, rather than against them. Think of keywords as ‘keys’ that unlock the meaning of your web site.

Recommended reading

Google Webmaster Blog (Free)

Recommended Keyword Tools:


Touch Cloud (Amazing! Free)

Google Keywords (Free)

Keyword Explorer (Free)

Semrush (Free & Paid)

kwfinder (Free & Paid)

Moz (Free & Paid)

ahrefs (Free & Paid)

Search Engine Professionals: This is a topic that is of real interest to most of our readers. What do professional SEO’s have that you do not? Experience does not actually have the weight you might think it would, this field is ever changing and research is paramount, still, there are constants as described earlier; well formed content and relevance is at the top of the list, an SEO ‘frame of mind’ and an understanding (or mastery) of SEO toolset’s. Most available website promotion toolset’s are fairly easy to use, quite mature and relatively inexpensive. The best strategy combines both methodology (approach) and software combinations.

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SEO is not ‘rocket science’ nor is there any ‘secret handshake’ involved in proper search marketing.

Recommended SEO Software Products:

Competitive Intelligence (Best Free)

Internet Business Promoter (Best)

Web CEO (good value)

Top Optimizer (good)

Analytics: YOU MUST follow the results of your activity, observe visitor behavior, set and measure goals, to do this correctly, you need tools. There are many articles available on the web covering the use of analytics; we will add depth to this important search marketing element in later submissions.

Recommended Analytics Software:

Performancing Metrics (Best – low cost)

Google Analytics (good – free)

Web CEO (expert configuration required)

Links: Yes, links are important these days but we do not necessarily believe in running around soliciting them or joining ‘link farms’, we have done plenty of this and find that links obtained naturally are simply more relevant and have much higher link value, this strategy is not for impatient SEO’s and requires quality content worthy of a link back. This area, link building, is probably the most abused or exploited by SEO’s but we just don’t find that taking ‘short cuts’ lead to lasting value/placement. In other words, the Internet equivalent of ‘word of mouth’ advertising converts better than all other forms combined.

Recommended Backlink Analyzers:

Internet Business Promoter (excellent Link tool)

Advanced Topics: If you are a regular reader, then you know that current SEM methodologies are to us, in a word, interim; we understand the importance of ranking with the current Search Engines to drive traffic but the web is changing and allegiance to Google etc. might not be as significant going forward. We have been careful that the key concepts detailed here will cross-over to coming advancements in Internet Technologies. Topics regarding ‘machine readable’ content are outside the scope of this article but certainly warrant your investigation. Have a look around our site if you wish … and learn more about the future of the Internet.

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