You’ve heard about search engine optimization, but all those details that go into it make your head hurt when you try to put them all together. But the truth is search engine optimization doesn’t have to be difficult. Take time to learn these basic 7 SEO Techniques, put them into action, and you’ll soon have a multitude of visitors coming in and out of your website.

7 SEO Techniques 2017SEO Techniques

  1. Name your file so that it appropriately fits the contents of the page.For example, if your page is about Web Hosting, name it This gets your pages set up on the appropriate footing.
  2. Use descriptive tags on all pages of your website.And be specific like in the example above. Also, make sure the title tags go first on your html page.
  3. Make sure your page content conforms to your title and description.If your page is about candy cane making and that’s the title, you want to use those words often throughout the copy on that particular page. Just don’t make the copy so keyword rich that it doesn’t make sense to the reader or is so repetitive that it turns them off.
  4. Use headlines that include primary keywords in them throughout your site.This helps your reader know there the information is that they’re seeking. It also allows search engines to discern the relevancy of your content.
  5. Design your website so that it’s easy for your visitors to navigate.Include a site map to help them learn about and find the different pages of your website. This also helps the little search engine spiders find their way around as well.
  6. Have quality links on your website.These can bring traffic your way that you might not get otherwise.
  7. To find the best keyword phrases for your web pages, use a keyword tool like Google Labs or WordTracker . These tools will help you discover what words and phrases people use most often and which ones will give you the least competition.

And there you go–the high points of search engine optimization in seven simple steps. Remember, the keys to it all are accurate descriptions, keyword enriched copy, and easy navigation. Yes, it’s that easy. You can stop rubbing your temples now.

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