I recently came across an article in a business magazine which reiterates the sheer power social networking communities have online today when it comes to content and search engine placement. Facebook, YouTube (amongst others) are creating a world of opportunity to get free site traffic when it comes to exposure. With communities built up of millions of users, these websites have become astronomical. With robust content being submitted everyday, these websites dominate search engine queries when searching for many products or services.

site traffic

Site traffic free

Web 2.0 is here and everyone who reads this searching for ways to drive an great amount of free traffic to their website should be utilizing these major sources. As discussed in a previous article ( SEO  category on my website), choose your keywords well via keyword tools to estimate market saturation and go with it. Use an analytics program to track your progress and you will be surprised as to the amount of free traffic you can be driving to your website using these valuable methods. Whether it’s creating a story on Facebook, Digg, MySpace, or submitting a video to YouTube, use the free resources we currently have available to us to manipulate better placing in search engines and start reaping the benefits almost instantly.

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You don’t even have to have your website built yet. Get on these websites, create a story, video or article and see how people respond to your business model before you investment your valuable time and money. Others criticism can be crucial and help you realize things you may have not thought of prior to sharing your story with others. You can save a wealth of time and money by using this method as well. Don’t worry too much about people stealing your business idea’s unless it’s completely unique from anything currently available. Don’t share too much information, but enough to get some honest feedback from others.

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