The boom in social media has been on the rise in the last few years and Twitter has been a vital part of this endeavor  Twitter as a social networking site has excelled so far. Twitter apart from other reasons, owing to its popularity can be Ways to Use Twitter for Link Building. Ways to Use Twitter for Link Building

Below are listed the top ways to use Twitter for link building. Use the same and reap the benefits

1.) Provide people the option of sharing content

If one provides quality content with thought provoking messages, there is little reason that people would not share the same with others. However, if you expect them to copy and paste the link, you might be thinking the wrong way.

A worthy way of encouraging people to share is to encourage using one of the many Twitter share badges that are available. The share badge can be inserted with every post that is being created. This will make sharing a child’s play and everyone can share with just a click of a button.

2.) Link to the Twitter page

When you decide to utilize the SEO link building, quality links inbound to the website need to be provided. You can inbound to Twitter account and outbound from your account to the website. If you decide to create quality inbound links to Twitter, you will benefit a lot as Twitter provides for an promotional endeavor and also helps one create a strong brand image. While writing an article, the Twitter account can be linked in the author section.

3.) Finding relevant Twitter accounts for building relationships

If you wish others to create links for your venture, building up relationships is vital. You will need to ensure that the same are with the Twitter accounts and must be relevant to the industry and business segment that you deal in. This fact is of relevance due to the fact that the search engine optimization strategy will help in pulling in the targeted traffic and will eventually improve the conversion rate.

4.) Getting customers to link with your website

When the customer decides to buy a product from your website, the opportunity to tweet about the same needs to be provided to the customer. The best way of doing so is to create set tweets that can be used by the user. Better if, you decide to give an editing option to the user as it will help them share their ideas on your Twitter account in a better an organized manner.

5.) Running competitions

If you decide to run competitions, this could be a great way of creating links to the website. Ensure that you use a hash tag too to promote your ideas. This is regarded as a viable method of SEO link building as the user will be having a chance of winning some products and you will in turn have more page views.

Twitter is a great way of promoting your initiatives. Try the above listed tips and you will be able to use Twitter for link building.

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