In this post we will talk WordFence Plugin Total WordPress Security about a method of protecting our websites from any unwanted malware. We use WordFence Plugin Total WordPress Security that really works and can find all the infected places. Nowadays, this plugin is used very widely all over the world and has more than one million active installations. Therefore, we will see all the options to solve this problem, if your blog is infected. If your web is Infected – remedies to fight:WordFence Plugin Total WordPress Security

WordFence Plugin Total WordPress Security

1. Perform a site recovery using backup. You have to make backup copies of all your websites, if you have several. It is advisable to make backups every time after writing a new article.

2. Request the services of specialists, who will expel the virus from your blog. But I think not every novice blogger can afford to pay this price, it is quite expensive. However, you have to decide. If your website is already advanced and you can not afford the risk, then it would be better to hire the professionals. In case, if you are a beginner in the blogosphere the following two options is for you.

3. Try to do the whole process of removing malware with your own hands. This is not very easy for beginner, but there is nothing impossible. One tip: every hosting provider has the programs and tools to find and remove viruses and malware, they are incorporated into the admin panel.

4. Do not think about the virus and wait until the blog stops working.

How are the options? I do not like one. It would be better, I think, to always be prepared to solve any problem, and for this task the WordFence Security plugin is the best.

What is WordFence security?

This is an WordFence Plugin Total WordPress Security that has to be installed on your blog, it is mandatory. WordFense protects your entire website and is always on the lookout for viruses and malware. This antivirus protects against a very wide range of threats, so in a short period of time it became very popular, and its popularity is increasing every day.


Before installing the plugin you have to do the basic steps for protection in the blog administration panel.

When you log in to the control panel, you must change the user name, that is, change “admin”, and write something else, most importantly not your name, it is advisable to use Latin letters and numbers, for example “BFy8m”. Now you need to set a new password in the admin panel, which will be different by increasing complexity and only after you can use the plugin. You have to use all the options to the maximum to protect your blog in the WordPress platform.

Add a new username, which I mentioned just above you in the control panel of the blog.

Open the “user” and click add new user. For this you would need a new email account, but it is not very complicated to register.

Very important to enter a complex password, and more than 20 characters, and the use of these special symbols:% № @, etc. Also, install periodic updates of the WordPress platform to a new version and update of all plug-ins.

When using the FTP client, you should not save passwords, because the attack can not only to your blog, but also to your computer. It is imperative to use an antivirus, very good antivirus is NORTON INTERNET SECURITY.

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For WHAT WordFence?

But before I talk to you about the installation and configuration I would like to tell you how this plugin works. Its unique feature is that WordPress works in comparison mode. Compare all your blog files with other such files, which are standard.
For example, you have a blog and some file is infected. We run WordFence Security. He starts doing the process of comparing all the files with the similar files in his database. In general, the plugin automatically compares your website with a standard and non-infected site in WordPress and tells you if something is wrong.

In addition, the plugin can check the outbound links of your blog. You can use the special Internet websites, there are many and different. Yes, it can, but, “WordFence” is able to determine infected sites. I’ll tell you exactly what is not good for SEO, if you have outgoing links to viral websites, for search engines this is a bad sign.

Does it have the ability to block a large number of IP addresses, which is very convenient. There are a lot of hackers who are trying to hack your blog through a lot of different IP addresses.

There is also the possibility to see visitors in real time. Because the plug-in shows the IP address of those who have tried to hack your web page. Based on this, you can take the necessary steps to block the attacker IP.

There are many benefits, which can be found after installation and configuration of the plugin. Now, we are talking more specifically about this. Let’s get down to business.


Let’s start with the installation. Everything becomes quite easy. In general, we do the same as with the other plug-ins.

1. Download

2. Open the downloaded file and unzip.

3. Connect to the hosting with the help of the FTP client FileZilla or other;

4. Upload the plugin folder and drag in plugins.php. Plugins can be found in the direction of your domain / wp-content / plugins /.

5. Once the plugin has been added successfully, you have to go to the administration panel of your blog.

6. Open the “plugins” section, find WordFence Security and click “Activate”.

Once you have activated WordFence Security, we have to configure the plugin.

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